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Mayami Strings



In 2018 we realized the sport we loved was being dominated by a small handful of brands, who used their power to take advantage of players by charging huge markups. The high quality strings available are offered at crazy high-prices and of questionable quality and complicated to choose the right one given all the different colors, guages and naming conventions.

Mayami believe its possible to change this. We could make better strings, and sell them for great prices. And so with the support of a community of fellow Tennis enthusiasts Mayami was born.

NEXT GEN Strings ,
game is changing, strings are changing with it

Since we released our very first string, we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving control, power, feel, durability and especially spin. We’ve developed a line of pro-grade, high quality strings and we sell them at prices that are always fair.

We’ve grown through the support of a rapidly growing community of Tennis fans who demand high performance next-gen strings and want the respect they deserve. These are not the old polyester strings of the last 20 years which other brands simply change the color, rename and charge you a fortune for. These are next-gen strings that enable you to play modern game tennis.

MAYAMI wurde 2018 aus der Idee heraus gegründet, eine neue Generation von hochwertigen, modernen Tennissaiten zu kreieren. Mit der Unterstützung einer schnell wachsenden Gemeinschaft von Tennisenthusiasten, Spielern, Experten für Saiten und Trainern aus der ganzen Welt entwickeln wir Saiten, die allen Anforderungen des modernen Tennis gerecht sind.



Unsere Saiten:


Seit der Entwicklung unserer allerersten Saite haben wir uns der Verbesserung von Kontrolle, Stärke, Gefühl, Haltbarkeit und Rotation mit der Hilfe der neuesten Technologien gewidmet, um den höchsten Komfort beim Tennisspielen zu gewährleisten.



Unsere Mission:


Forschung, Entwicklung und Verbesserung der neuesten Generation von Saiten, damit jeder Tennisspieler das Spiel auf dem Tennisplatz genießen, Erfolge erzielen und seine Träume erfüllen kann.


Make the next generation tennis strings of the highest quality to help players achieve success and fulfill their dreams on the tennis court.

For some Tennis is a hobby, for others it’s a lifestyle or even a career. We’re here to help give every Tennis player the chance to play at the highest level. With many around the world now part of the Mayami legion, we’re taking next-gen Tennis forward.

Our Story Mayami
Mayami Strings Story

Do you know?

A lot of players underestimate the importance of Tennis strings and overestimate the significance of rackets. In reality, both the racket and the strings are equally crucial to play well.

The same racket can have a completely different feel, depending on the string and the tension. After all, it is the strings that are in contact with the ball; they are critical for performance. Tennis players often and willingly test other racquets, but only a few of them try different strings on these same racquets to find a perfect combination for themselves.


Our tennis strings have unique properties to maximize the quality of any player’s playing.
We are fully focused on the production and development of tennis strings in order to offer the best strings on the market in the price-quality category, as evidenced by many reviews and laboratory results.

We divided our strings into 5 main categories, of course there are some similarities between each group and feel free to ask us any questions. We are here for you !

Mayami Poster

1. Feel – perfect for touch shots and volleys. Hit Pro is a surgical weapon.

2. Spin – perfect to push your opponents back and make them fight for every ball. Big Spin is a real aggressor !

3. Control – you decide the pace of the game. Tour Hex is a cameleon. Perfect mix of feel and spin. Most versatile string and great starting point.

4. Comfort – winning should be easy and fun. Magic Twist is our next gen string that combines all the characteristics needed for modern game. Used by our ATP player Marchenko (ATP High Singles #49).

5. Power – no mercy, end the point as soon as possible. Hepta Power truly bites that ball for maximum RPM speed producing clean and pure power in you game.

On Stringforum.net, Mayami occupy the top of the list in nearly every category, especially when it comes to control and spin. Tour Hex is rated #1 for control and Big Spin is rated #1 in spin.

Mayami tennis strings are made with competitive intermediate and advanced players in mind. Our high performance strings, also known for their comfort, feel, power and tension stability, are also ideal for novice players, too.

That allows our three strings to be in the top 10 of the absolute rating (Overal Category) among 439 tennis strings.

Test Mayami Strings
Racketpedia Test Mayami

We got one of the best and highest results in laboratory research on Racketpedia (racketpedia.com) in Control, Spin, Tension loss :

  1. MAYAMI Tour Hex: 100/100 Control, 100/100 Spin, 100/100 Tension loss
  2. MAYAMI Hepta Power : 100/100 Control, 90/100 Spin, 85/100 Tension loss
  3. MAYAMI Hit Pro : 90/100 Power, 90/100 Spin
  4. MAYAMI Magic Twist : 90/100 Power, 80/100 Control, 90/100 Spin
  5. MAYAMI Big Spin : 95/100 Spin, 85/100 Control, 85/100 Power

Willkommen in unserer Familie!