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Cookies policy


A cookie is a short text file that a visited website sends to your browser. It allows the site to record information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. This will make the next visit to the site easier and more productive. Cookies are important. Without them, browsing the web would be much more difficult.


Cookies serve a variety of purposes. We use them, for example, to store your SafeSearch settings, to select relevant ads, to track the number of visitors to your site, to make it easier to sign up for new services, and to protect your data.


Cookie types: 


  • Settings – These cookies allow our sites to remember information that affects the appearance or behavior of the site. That can include the preferred language or region in which you are located.  Based on the information about the region, the site can offer the necessary local weather forecast or traffic reports. These cookies also help you change the size of the text, font and other elements of the website that can be personalized.
  • Security – Security cookies are used to authenticate users, to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and to protect user data from access by unauthorized parties.
  • Processes – Process cookies allow websites to provide services that visitors expect, such as navigating websites or accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies the Web will not work properly. For example, a cookie called lbcs is used, which allows Google documents to open several documents in one browser. If you block cookies, Google documents will not work properly.
  • Advertising – Cookies are also used to increase the attractiveness of ads for users and to offer publishers and advertisers better terms for advertising. Cookies are commonly used to select ads based on what is relevant to users, to improve campaign performance reports, and to prevent users from seeing ads they have already seen.
  • Session Status – Websites often collect visitor behavior data. For example, this could be information about which pages users visit most often or whether they see errors on some pages. These so-called “Session state cookies” help improve the services and user experience on the web. If you block or delete these cookies, the functions of the website will not be affected in any way.

Manage cookies in the browser


Some people do not wish cookies to be stored. This is why the latest browsers allow you to manage cookies arbitrarily.


In some browsers, you can set rules for cookies for individual websites, which gives you better control over your privacy. You can disable the storage of cookies from all websites except sites you trust.


In the Google Chrome Tools menu, find Clear browsing data. It allows you to clear cookies and other website and plug-in data, including data stored on your device by Adobe Flash Player (Flash Player cookies).

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